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Welcome to send inquiries to Shanghai Root Mechanical and Electrical Co.,Ltd. Upon receiving your inquiry, our sales engineers will contact you within 24hrs to reply any question from you. Please contact us via email or phone for further information about Root Horizontal Bead Mill. Root engineers will provide you with professional solution for wet grinding and offer you with elaborate answers to all your questions. Root wishes to establish long-term and firm business relationship with clients all over the world.

Shanghai Root

Shanghai Root Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co.,Ltd

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+86 21 6995 9291


+86 21 6901 7359

Send inquiry to Root via service@root-asia.com or phone no. Talk with our on-line service or leave your message on the website. It would be better for us to know your detailed requirements so that Root engineers could supply you with the most suitable solution. Please refer to the following inquiry sheet:

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After getting your inquiry, our sales engineer will respond within 24hrs to offer you elaborate answers to your questions.

After communicating about every detail of your requirement, our professional engineer will supply you with the most suitable solution for wet grinding machine. We encourage you to send your material to our Nano laboratory to test with our laboratory machines so that to find the most suitable model and way of grinding for your material.

If Root has the honor to cooperate with you and be your supplier, we will manufacture the ordered machine in our factory to make every detail of the machine meet your requirement. Before delivery, engineers will test the machine with load and without load to make sure that the machine to be sent will be in good state and meet the production requirements.