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Shanghai Root Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd is professional manufacturer of wet grinding production line. Owning 10 years experience in wet grinding field, Root is your best choice for laboratory sand mill, laboratory bead mill, industrial sand mill and industrial bead mill, three roller mill and basket mill, auxiliary machines such as disperser and mixer. With cooperation with university , experts and exprienced engineers, Root has been concentrated in technique of wet grinding machine since 2000. Now Root wet grinding mills are applied in more than 20 countries, serving for factory production of paint, ink, dye, magnetic material, paste, agriculture chemicals, adhesion, cosmetics, ceramic etc. With own modern Nano Laboratory and manufacturing factory, Root could provide clients with the most suitable solution for complete wet grinding production lines.



Generally speaking, paint is the mateiral which can cover the surface of objects and form a firmly attached continuous film…

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Dyeing and printing are also know as deying and finishing. The sources of the dye are mineral pigment and vegetable dye…

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magnetic paste

Magnetic Paste

Root sand mill/bead mill can be used for the grinding of medium paste,resistance paste and conductor paste…

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printing ink

Printing Ink

Ink is an important material for packing material and it can show the patterns or characters in the substrate surface by printing…

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Pigment is one kind of material which could make other mateirals colorized, and it could be divided into organic and inorganic…

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agriculture chemical

Agriculture Chemical

According to different source of raw material, it could be divided into organic pesticide, inorganic pesticide, botanical pesticide and…

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Glazes used for the building sanitary ceramics products now are various.Glaze is one kind of silicate. The glaze used on ceramic…

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battery paste

Battery Paste

Root sand mill/bead mill will meet customer's requirement for the grinding of battery positive electrode and negative electrode…

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adhesion agent

Adhesion Agent

Root sand mill/bead mill is equipped with multiple cooling system for the temperature control and it will effectively lower the…

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Root wet grinding mill and dispersers could successfully make the raw material of lipsticks, nail enamel…

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Root wet grinding machine could successfully make food raw material.Chocolates, jam, ice cream…

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Root wet grinding mill could be applied in medicine making. Nano grade raw material is more effective…

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nano material

Nano Material

Nano grade material is very famous and popular nowadays. It is now widely applied in almost all the industries…

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mineral nano grinding


Metal is chemical substance and it displays four material property, namely electricity conduction rate, heat conduction, plasticity…

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laboratory research

Laboratory Research

Root laboratory wet grinding machines could support laboratory research of university, institute and also the small production trail production…

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If you want to learn more about different application of Shanghai Root wet grinding mills, dispersing machine, please chat on-line or leave us message.We are here to offer any help for you !