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Bonding technology is more and more widely used and according the raw material used for making adhesion such as plastic and man-made resin are widely used. Besides, some other materials are also used for making adhesion such as water-soluble plant/amino protein, softener, thickener, filler and anti-freeze additive etc. These materials should be dispersed and mixed together to take better performance. RT-FS disperser and horizontal ribbon mixer could disperse and mix the materials with high efficiency.

Laboratory Experiment Data

Adhesion experiment data
Adhesion Laboratory Experiment Data

Wet Grinding Mill

RT-A Disc Horizontal Bead Mill
RT-B Pin Horizontal Bead Mill
RT-E Big Flow Sand Mill

Disperser & Dissolver

Industrial Disperser
RT-FS Industrial Disperser
laboratory disperser
RT-LAB Laboratory Disperser
horizontal ribbon mixer
RT-Horizontal Ribbon Mixer

Grinding Media

Zirconia Beads
RT-Zirconia Beads
Ceria Stablilized Beads
RT-Ceria Stabilized Beads
Zirconium Silicate Beads
RT-Zirconium Silicate Beads