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Lithium iron phosphate is one kind of new type lithium-ion electrode material. It features in large discharge capacity, low cost and non-toxic and environment-friendly etc. Now it is a heat battery product worldwide. Function of lithium iron phosphate is determined by positive and negative electrode material. To use lithium iron phosphate as positive electrode material comes into market in recent years. Its security performance and recycle service life is incomparable and these two factors are just the ones that are vital for power battery. With the outstanding advantages of non-toxic, non-pollution, good security performance, wide source of material, lower cost and long service life, Lithium iron phosphate is the new ideal positive electrode material for lithium-ion battery. Root has successfully done the biggest lithium iron phosphate project in China. The experiment data is very suitable for the clients’ requirements and the production efficiency is enhanced by 30% with RT-B horizontal pin type bead mill/sand mill.

Laboratory Experiment Data

battery laboratory experiment data
Silica powder(netative electrode material)

Wet Grinding Mill

RT-LAB Horizontal Bead Mill
RT-A Disc Horizontal Bead Mill
RT-B Pin Horizontal Bead Mill

Disperser & Dissolver

Industrial Disperser
RT-FS Industrial Disperser
laboratory disperser
RT-LAB Laboratory Disperser

Grinding Media

Zirconia Beads
RT-Zirconia Beads
Ceria Stablilized Beads
RT-Ceria Stabilized Beads
Zirconium Silicate Beads
RT-Zirconium Silicate Beads